This is our third Sustainability Report, and it includes the contribution of Cerro Dominador to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. It explains what we have done from January 1 to December 31, 2020, in our operations in the Region of Antofagasta and at our main office.

2 projects under development

Completion of 1 concentrated solar power plant

Mirrors covering a 1.5 million m2

392,000 solar panels

304 GWh of energy generated by the photovoltaic plant in 2020

Capex of US$ 57,660,000

Total investment of
US$1.3 billion

3 recognitions

34.7% plant factor

Sustainability Strategy: 24/7 Solar Revolution

The emission of 640,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be avoided, equal to travel by 135,000 vehicles per year.

A total of
103,366 m3 of water consumed

20% of the water used in operations is treated

2,159,045 liters of fuel used (40% less than in 2019)

Household waste:
520 tons

Non-hazardous industrial waste: 1,682.50 tons

Solid hazardous industrial waste: 5.4 tons

Liquid hazardous industrial waste: 25,000 liters

Recycled waste: 2,376 kg

43% of our staff are women

42 own employees

1,401 workers employed during construction

Climate survey: 82 points (vs. 61 points in 2019)

Observation Center to promote educational energy tourism. Adorned by a work of art by the renowned sculptor Federico Assler, recipient of the National Art Prize.

“Education and Energy” initiative was one of 16 finalists among 870 candidates in the 11th Co-Responsibility Awards.

63% of our suppliers have been local

A total of 504 suppliers in 2020

A total of 318 national suppliers

All suppliers receive training

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