Chapter 5

Raise the standard of relationships with people and communities

Talent Management

Talent Attraction and Retention

We welcomed 6 new employees in 2020: five men and one woman.

Our selection process is confidential and candidates are given feedback.

The induction gives new employees the tools they need to understand and incorporate the values of Cerro Dominador.

We ensure that the conditions are present during the work life cycle that motivate people to stay with the company.

Work Climate

Performance Evaluation

We give all of our employees a performance evaluation once a year through a three-step process:

Diversity and Gender Equity

We work safely

We have developed an Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on the following elements:

Commitment to community development

The communities within our zone of influence per project are María Elena, Calama, San Pedro de Atacama, San Francisco de Chiu Chiu, Rio Grande and Sierra Gorda.

In 2020, our community relations strategy involved five focal points: renewable energy education; development of local tourism; local hiring; gender-focused hiring; and local supplier development.

Local hiring: At the close of 2020, 60% of workers hired for Project Operation and Maintenance came from the Region of Antofagasta, and we forecast that 20% will be women.

Chapter 6
The potentials of 24/7 solar energy
The potentials of 24/7 solar energy