Chapter 6

The potentials of 24/7 solar energy

Promoting solar energy


Our “Education and Energy” program was created to promote an understanding and practical use of clean energy in schools and among the student community.

In 2020 we published a digital book entitled “The Power of the Sun” in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment.

“Education and Energy” was 1 of 16 finalists among 870 candidates in 12 Spanish-speaking countries in the 11th Co-responsibility Awards.

Promoting solar energy

Energy tourism

We want to contribute to the tourism in the zone by creating a place where the energy potential of the country can be explained.

We built a lookout and a room for the museum-like exhibition of educational, scientific and cultural objects.

Additionally, a sculpture by Federico Assler, National Art Prize recipient, has been installed in the little square at the Observation Center.

Chapter 7
Promote a 24/7 solar ecosystem in Chile
Promote a 24/7 solar ecosystem in Chile