Our Sustainable Footprint

Our company generates only renewable energy from sources like sunlight. USD 1.3 billion have been invested in renewable energy projects in the last two years.

Key Pillars that add Value to our Company

We strengthen gender equity in our company through internal programs and the hiring of local females to work in our projects.

We develop clean energy projects which take care of the planet.

We want to give value to solar energy in Chile by promoting spaces of conversation throughout the country.

We have a strict policy on ethics and compliance for all our collaborators and our chain of relations.

24/7 Solar Revolution

Our sustainability strategy towards 2023 is based upon 5 main aspects:


Positively on the fight against climate change through construction and operation.


The standard of relationships with people, society and communities.


The use of solar energy potential by citizens 24/7.


A 24/7 solar energy ecosystem in Chile.


The energy market in Chile.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 goals, ranging from ending poverty to fighting climate change and improving education and gender equality. Below are the list of goals adopted by Grupo Cerro:

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Sustainability Report 2022

This report is the fifth sustainability report of Grupo Cerro, in which it presents the main ESG indicators of our 2022 management.

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“Mirrors” Program

Our “Mirrors” program strives for strengthening gender equality in nearby communities. It aims to ensure that women make up at least 20% of the employees from the region where we develop solutions. Also, our corporate policy is committed to having more than 40% of women in Grupo Cerro direct staff members.

Promoting solar energy

Disclosure of this technology throughout the region is an important task. We are also working on solar education programs with public schools in María Elena to spread an understanding of this technology through experiments.

Moreover, we are promoting tourism and education by training tourist guides and developing scripts on the geographic and technological points of interest near our projects.

Out Networks

We are collaborating in attaining the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.