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The Cerro Dominador solar power complex can supply energy 24 hours a day manageably and efficiently, combining photovoltaic energy with concentrated solar power.

Photovoltaic Energy

A more mature technology, already consolidated, and a shorter installation time are some of the advantages of this energy.

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How does a Photovoltaic Plant work

  • Collection of solar energy through panels that convert sunlight, through the photovoltaic effect, into constant electrical current.
  • Conversion to alternating electric current through several groups of photovoltaic inverters from the energy generated in the panels.
  • Transportation of alternating electrical energy through an electrical network distributed by the solar field, which collects the energy from each group of inverters.
  • Coordination of the energy dispatches of the concentrated solar power and photovoltaic plants through a Control Center.
  • Interconnection of the plant to the Chilean electricity grid, through a booster substation that increases the voltage up to that of the interconnection point and a sectioning substation that connects the output of the plant with the existing power lines.

How does a Concentrated Solar Power Plant work

  • The energy is captured through heliostats, giant mirrors that follow the path of the sun with two-axis movement. These are aimed at the receiver located at the top of the tower.
  • Absorption of radiation by heating a stream of cold molten salts to a temperature of 565°C / 1049ºF
  • Storage of hot salts in a tank system.
  • Extraction of hot salts from tanks to transfer heat to water and thus create steam.
  • Generation of electrical energy by means of a steam turbine.





Concentrated Solar Power

The heat storage system consists of cold and hot salt tanks which facilitate the production of energy day and night.

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Hydroelectric power

A hydroelectric power plant is a renewable generation facility that allows the potential energy of water to be transformed into electrical energy.

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Operation of run of the river hydroelectric plants

  • At Grupo Cerro we have 11 run-of-the-river mini-hydroelectric plants located from the O’Higgins region to La Araucanía.
  • These types of plants provide a continuous supply of electricity for base energy demand.
  • These plants harness the power of water to generate 100% clean energy.
  • The water is fully returned to its course, maintaining the ecological balance and generating minimal impacts on the environment where they are developed.
  • The water is available for all kinds of uses, since no chemical or physical modifications are made.