Cerro Dominador installed its last Heliostat

17 November, 2019

Cerro Dominador installed its last Heliostat

The power plant owned by EIG Global Energy Partners, which will be the first solar thermal tower project in Latin America, is reaching its final stretch.

The 700-ha solar field of the power plant has a total of 10,600 heliostats.

November 15, 2019 – This week, Cerro Dominador has celebrated the manufacture and assembly of the last heliostat in the solar field of Cerro Dominador: the first solar thermal tower in all Latin America, which is now being built by Acciona and Abengoa Consortium.  The 700-ha solar field has 10,600 heliostats that will send the solar radiation to a receiver located 252 meters high.

The final stretch in the construction of the 110MW Project in the Atacama Desert in Chile is thus approached when 85% progress has been reached. Solar field was built with important participation of local workers :95% of local workers en this specific area.

The solar thermal tower will be added to the 100MW photovoltaic plant already in operation, built by Abengoa and in commercial operation since February 2018, and will form a renewable energy complex with a total capacity of 210MW – the first to combine both technologies throughout the continent.

This project will permit to manageably generate clean energy for 24 hours and will have a thermal storage capacity of 17.5 hours in molten salts.