Grupo Cerro presents “Re-Generative Energy” Program

15 December, 2023

Grupo Cerro presents “Re-Generative Energy” Program

Grupo Cerro presented its Re-generative Energy Program, an initiative created to incorporate circular education in establishments in the Antofagasta region. The objective is to give a second life to disused photovoltaic panels and contribute to the educational content of establishments regarding the uses and benefits of renewable energies.

The launch took place at the San Francisco de Chiu Chiu school, one of the beneficiary establishments, where the first agreements were signed with the delivery of 7 of the 39 Cerro Dominador panels that Grupo Cerro will provide through this program.

This education program, called Re-Generative Energy, was born out of the need to give a second life to the disused photovoltaic panels of the photovoltaic plant of Cerro Dominador solar complex, with a focus on energy regeneration.

As part of the Grupo Cerro seal, this campaign has a meaning that goes beyond re-use, and has to do with the focus on learning. Therefore, the panels will be delivered to different educational facilities in the Antofagasta region for pedagogical use and thus contribute to the development of a regenerative and sustainable economy focused on promoting education related to solar energy and its circular use. “We hope to install the concept of “regenerative energy”, raising awareness in educational communities about the importance of a sustainable culture and the responsible and conscious use of energy generation inputs,” commented Vanessa Alfaro, head of Communities at Grupo Cerro.

At the San Francisco de Chiu Chiu school, the ceremony was held to hand over the panels to this and two other institutions: the Don Bosco High School in Calama and the Caspana Rural School. Nieves Marín, director of the Chiu Chiu school, stated that she was very grateful for receiving these panels for educational purposes and also for the constant support and accompaniment that Grupo Cerro has provided to the establishment and its students during the last years, in fact, the workshop of solar cooking that is taught today at the school originated thanks to the company’s educational program called “The Power of the Sun.”

Fernando Videla, administrator of the Don Bosco High School, thanked Grupo Cerro for this agreement since it directly benefits the knowledge that the students are acquiring on photovoltaic energy issues and the use and benefits of renewable energy. “I believe that experience is essential to understand how renewable energies are generated and their different applications. It is essential today, both for their training and for the knowledge and awareness that one must have respect for the environment,” he commented during the delivery event. of the panels.

Meanwhile, Macarena Meza, in charge of the Caspana School, stated that “it is a tremendous help for us to receive these solar panels because basically the town does not have electricity. We supply ourselves thanks to solar panels, the children and teachers at the school work and carry out their daily activities only with solar panels. That is why this donation is very significant for us, this link that we make with Cerro Dominador, and we hope that it will be a long-term work, in which we can link our pedagogical programs with their sustainable objectives.”

The beneficiaries of this program will be 10 educational establishments in the Antofagasta region and in total 39 photovoltaic panels will be delivered.


Liceo Técnico Don Bosco Calama Electricity Career (practical learning days) 3
Escuela San Francisco Chiu Chiu Calama Pedagogical use 2
Escuela Rural Caspana Calama Pedagogical use 2
INACAP Antofagasta Career Renewable Energy (solar energy workshop) 5
Universidad de Antofagasta Antofagasta Energy Development Center 15
Universidad Católica del Norte Antofagasta Center for Technological Development and Science (research) 2
Liceo Politécnico Tocopilla Tocopilla Renewables workshop 3
Fundación Parque Científico Antofagasta Proyect Energy Truck 2
Plataforma de Innovación Social Triple Hélice Antofagasta Investigation 3
Liceo Técnico de María Elena María Elena Electricity Career (use for practical workshops) 2
    TOTAL 39

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